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How it works

Email88 is a fun way to be rewarded for reading email offers. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Notification emailYou sign up and fill out your profile. This allows us to target offers that are relevant to you. When an advertising offer is available, we'll send you and other members selected for that offer a notification email.
Step 2 - Click view buttonYou receive the notification email and click the View button to view the offer.
As each member clicks the View button to view the offer, they are ranked according to the order in which they clicked the button. The members that are ranked 8th, 88th, 888th, 8888th and so on win a $100 prize instantly. Each member is allowed two clicks for each offer, which means if you don't get a winning rank on your first click, you can try again.
Step 3 - Check you ranking
If you're a winner, your $100 prize will be delivered via eGift Card. Within 2 - 4 weeks of winning you will receive an email from “Email88 via GiftPay”. Follow the instructions within the email to claim your gift.
Step 4 - You Win!
Step 4 - Sorry, try again!

This is a game of strategy and skill. When you click the notification email, you'll find out your position rank. By comparing your rank to the time between when the email was sent and when you clicked, you may be able to work out the best time to click for your second click attempt.

How it all works

Read advertising email and just click to win a prize! More

How it all works

It's FREE to join!

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It's FREE to join!

Email88 Winners

Thank you so much for my prize of $100! I thought that it would always be someone else who wins these sorts of prizes, but when I was notified that I was a winner, it was great.
Heather H. NSW
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